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God Is NOT Santa - Book Introduction


Scene # 1
In The "Beginning" there was Darkness (Space), and then The Darkness said : “Let There Be Light”, and The Light joined the Darkness, and created a state called a Day and Night, and decided to overlap every 24 hours, This is simply … GOD; Outer Space, infinite, with a Sky as a "Facade" ... A Front Display!
God created a Sun and a Moon and other planets all over, one of them was Planet WATER, where He placed his “Throne”, and the Universe was created in 6 “days”, and then on the 7th day, God watched what He created. He liked it, as the stage was ready for the show to start.
God ordered the water to lower its level so Land would emerge and surface from the bottom, and a wonderful green land started to surface on the top part of this Planet, and God called it Heaven, meaning the land on top (of the map), and in this Heaven God decided to create PEOPLE, so He created people made of Light, they looked White and Blonde and had beautiful blue and green eyes, and He called them ANGELS. They Had a Chief called Michael. God then created other people from Fire, they looked Bronze and had long black Hair, and they were to follow what the Angels were ordered to do. Those people were as good as The Angels, but they had one more advantage, They Do Miracles! God called those people made of Fire, The Devils! (NOT demons) with a Chief called Satan.
The Angels and The Devils lived well together, and God created for them a beautiful life called Paradise. Paradise was a style of life, they had all kinds of (Cheese) made of milk, and all kinds of (Sweets) made of Honey, and all kinds of (Beer) made of foamy water, and all kinds of tasty liquors made of grapes and apples (Wine and Champagne), and He allowed both the Angels and The Devils to have sex and marry and reproduce and fill the Heaven with their children.
Everyone lived happily and they were thankful and grateful to God, every night and every day, until God decided to create a “God In FLESH” to order the people called Angels and Devils. And the water lowered more to surface a new land below this Heaven, but it was yellow and sandy and was called DESERT. And God created in Heaven a new person made of the DESERT CLAY, and it was Adam’s mother (aka Eve/ Lilith)! She looked Brown, all brown. And Eve gave birth to Adam, the way Mary did to Jesus later
As Adam grew up in Heaven, He was taught everything needed to be “God In Flesh”, and when Adam became an Adult, God told him that he could start his mission provided he never approaches the “tree” where he came from (his mother’s). So Adam was allowed everything in Heaven and its paradise life, except sex! And Adam lived in the top part of this Land, called Garden of Eden. Satan, who was the Chief of the Red Devils at that time, refused to “obey” Adam, the brown guy. He thought it was OK to follow the Angels for he could not burn Light, but he could sure burn Clay! So Satan refused Adam as a “God In Flesh” and hated his presence in Heaven. And Satan started to seduce Adam and told him that one day he (Adam) would grow old and die and so would his mother, and he will be forgotten, unless he decides to become immortal and start having his own breed to inherit The “TITLE”. Adam refused to listen to Satan, until he grew old and so did his mother, so Adam started to reconsider what Satan said about defending The Title, and becoming immortal through an heir. Adam and his mother agreed to have sex and they “together” ate the “apple” and tasted its pleasure called SEX! Suddenly, Adam and his mother found themselves all naked, while everyone else, angels and devils, wore their clothes on. Adam and his mother started to cover themselves with papers from the streets of Heaven, but, their embarrassment was enormous, and they lost everyone’s respect in Heaven. After what happened, God got angry at both The Brown Adam, and The Bronze Satan, and He ordered the water to lower again and a Land in the WEST surfaced, and another in the SOUTH. God banished Satan and his people from Heaven to WEST, to live there ever after. At the same time, He banished Adam and his pregnant mother to East, to the Desert Land he and his mother were created from, and it was called EARTH! God then informed everyone, Angels up in Heaven, Devils in the West, and Humans in the East , that whoever would “sin” like Adam did, would be reborn after he dies in a womb of a black poor mother in the hot weather lands , in the lower part of the world, and He called this Land HELL ! God also told everyone they could be rewarded by coming back to Heaven after they die, and get reborn (reincarnated) in the WOMB of a white blonde mother, and He named The Wombs... GRAVES. And Reincarnation continued as a cycle of life... forever.
And accordingly, PANGAEA started to happen.
By now you must be able to understand that Heaven is Europe, West is the Americas, East is Earth, and South is Africa. You can also understand that Angels are the people of Europe, Devils are the Native Red Indians in America (Hispanic Latinos), and Humans are the Children of Adam, the brown and yellow people in the Middle East, India, and China. The Garden of Eden is SwEden, and the Planet Water is now Planet “EARTH”!
The Americas (WEST) were not a bad land for the devils, they managed their life and formed tribes , most famous of them now are the Cherokees and Apaches, but Earth (EAST) was hard for Adam to live in and do the same, Adam wanted to build Paradise on Earth, but it looked impossible in this sandy desert, while The Red Indians managed to build their new paradise. They became a nation, while Adam was struggling to create his. So Adam asked God for forgiveness, and God told him the hidden truth Satan kept from him when he seduced him; To have sex and to have breed , you must abide with certain rules ,which the angels and the devils are very familiar with since they were given the privilege of immortality through sex. And You have to bear the same rules, as you have chosen immortality through sex as well. And God gave Adam the 10 Commandments:
1. I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other gods before me (like you did with Satan)
2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image (no tattoos)
3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain (no lies)
4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy (Celebrate the 7th Day)
5. Honor thy father and thy mother
6. Thou shalt not kill
7. Thou shalt not steal
8. Thou shalt not commit adultery (the sin you did with your mother, the forbidden tree, BEING SON AND HUSBAND OF SAME WOMAN)
9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor
10. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's house; thy neighbor's wife, or his male servant, or his female servant, or his ox (work), or his donkey (car), or anything that is your neighbor's.
Adam studied the rules by heart and taught them to his three children, Cain, Abel and Seth, who married their sisters and had children, until that day when one of Adam’s sons killed his brother because of ENVY! And since that very day , the First time the 10 commandments were broken after being revealed, God was sad for the first killing incident in history to have happened, and the bloodshed, and God called this violation as The “Ka-le-ma” of God , meaning “Pain of God”… not “Word of God”, and since that moment, God decided to create a New "God in Flesh" from a better woman... A woman who must be one breed of a FATHER that can sacrifice his own son to God whenever ordered, and so would the mother too. God decided to bring later to this life Jesus of Mary, The “Pain” of God ! And a new plan for mankind started.
Scene # 3
Children of Adam, called Humans, went astray until one of them called Noah came and started to teach those Humans the 10 commandments again, people were many and Noah went everywhere on Earth (EAST) to deliver the message of God. It took Noah 950 years to reach to everyone on Earth, and God then ordered Noah to build a huge Ark, for a flood was going to wipe everyone on Earth. The people lived in the Desert and thought Noah went crazy, for they hardly had any rain ever! When Noah was ready, he received a sign from God, and it was time! Noah gathered on his ship a couple of every animal on earth, so there were no tigers on the ship, just sheep, camels, and cattle, maybe cats and dogs too, and chicken that couldn't fly. He also carried the people who believed there was a flood coming, and as well his 3 Sons: Shem, forefather of the Middle East people (Semitic), Ham, forefather of the Hindu people (Yagog), Japheth, forefather of the Buddhist people (Magog). The fourth son of Noah refused the flood idea completely, and refused to follow Noah. Noah asked God to save his 4th son, but God told Noah that this child was not his child, Noah’s wife cheated on him!
During the flood that lasted for months, every female on the ship got pregnant, even Noah Children's wives. The 3 children of Noah fought together on the ship, and each of them took a corner. When the flood ended, The Ark landed on the desert land again, but this time the land was much bigger and larger in space. Noah died soon after! So Shem, the Semitic, decided to stay where the Ark landed, in the Middle East, and Ham and Japheth decided to live as far as they can from him. Ham reached as far as India and was tired, so he settled there and his nation became Hindus, while Japheth went further till the end of the Earth where he reached the ocean, he settled there and his nation became Buddhists. From Shem’s breed came Terah, and from Terah came ‘‘‘ABRAHAM’’’!
The breed of the new people who survived the flood went astray again, and Abraham started looking for God, and he had no clue how to. He started worshiping the moon, as he saw people doing this and praying before morning twilight, but he then changed his mind for he wanted a morning God, who would help him during work time, not when he has finished, so he followed the people who worshiped the Sun and prayed for the Sun to come back every evening twilight, the way people did. Then Abraham realized He needed a God 24 hours a day, so he stopped worshiping the moon and the sun, and started to realize that God was the creator of those planets, and He is there 24 hours a day, He is THE Night And Day ! Abraham decided to create a new belief for himself, He decided to “Follow His Heart” while applying the 10 commandments that everyone of the Semitic people knew and never applied, even his father. 
Later, a hateful "resentment" happened between the Sons of Abraham, the Half Brothers Ishmael and Isaac, since Ishmael and his Egyptian “slave” mother Hagar were banished to the desert in Arabia. The Arabs or the present “Muslims”, The Children of Ishmael , who was a normally born child from Abraham’s Egyptian wife Hagar, started to "envy" the Children of Isaac , The SON who was born “divinely“ from Sarah The Old Lady Wife of Abraham, and stayed “home” north at the Euphrates . That explains why The "Present" Muslims describe the Bible as having being “disfigured”, because it mentions clearly that the Sacrifice Son of Our Father in Heaven, Abraham, is Isaac not Ishmael. The Holy Spirit, The Lamb, came to save Isaac from death to have a Grandson for Abraham, and his reincarnation was JACOB… ISRAEL.
Ending this Scene, I testify, In the Name of The Father, Abraham, The Son Isaac, and the Holy Spirit Jacob , We All Believe in ONE GOD, God of Abraham, who is the Night and Day, the 24 hours everywhere! Amen!

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TO BE CONTINUED on the below link ... The Book !

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